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Flywoman's Fanfiction

musings on my latest kick

External Services:
  • flywoman@livejournal.com
I've been writing and posting fanfiction off and on for over a decade, although only my most recent pieces are posted here. (My older stories from other fandoms can be found on An Archive of Our Own.) If you've glanced over my Master Fic List, you've probably noticed that I like to experiment with different fic genres and characters. That means that you probably won't find a lot of pieces that are just like something else that floated your boat, but I hope that you'll be willing to give some of the others a try.

I love feedback (who doesn't? Pay it forward!), and I'm happy to be friended or followed. However, since I am very protective of my RL identity and include personal information in my friend-locked posts, I may not reciprocate. No offense intended.

Fic Rating System (borrowed heavily from barefootpuddles):
NC-17 - Explicit sex and/or potentially upsetting themes
R - Insinuated sex but without such graphic depictions
PG-13 - F word, sex jokes, heavy angst, adult concepts
PG - Bad words, strong sarcasm, negativity or relationship matters
G - Nothing that a kid couldn't read. You're unlikely to find much if any of this here.