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Thoughts regarding the Copa del Rey

What is Leo Messi pondering?

My best guess is, "What's for lunch?" ;)

He didn't score in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid last night, but he came close, and he made a brilliant assist to Pedro, who did. I'm quite certain that he would have scored if Cesc had managed to pass the ball in front of instead of behind him :P.

Anyway, it was the most exciting game I'd seen in a long time, just nerve-shattering. Real Madrid came out strong and almost scored in the first few minutes thanks to Pique's incredibly bad defending, but Higuain got overexcited and shot wide. They had many opportunities in the first half, but weren't able to follow through on any of them, and Messi/Pedro ultimately scored the first goal. The RM goalkeeper, Casillas, came out to bitch at the ref for some reason and got carded. Then Messi got fouled, and Dani Alves scored a beautiful goal off the resulting free kick, giving us this adorable celebration:

After halftime, things got ugly. Sergio Ramos had a goal disallowed for grabbing Dani while going for a header. Cristiano Ronaldo stopped throwing a temper tantrum long enough to dodge around Dani, bypass keeper Pinto, and score despite Puyol's best bodily slide past the near post. And Benzema broke free with another beauty, leaving the two sides tied, and tired, going into the last part of the game. No doubt Madrid feels robbed because Ramos got sent off on a second yellow for a trivial foul, but really they should have lost Lass at least, maybe Pepe too, for filthy fouls long before that.

Anyway, it may not have been a decisive victory, but we won in the aggregate and are going forward to the semifinals against Valencia next week. Of course, Madrid's manager Mourinho says the Copa is the least important tournament for his men. Funny how that wasn't the case when it was the only trophy they took home last year.

I'm just happy we saved the Copa from Real Madrid this time around. It actually committed suicide rather than stay in their hands:



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