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Note to friends: I'm driving the crack_van for The X-Files this month!

*hops into the van* *tosses the Garmin out the window* *rummages through the glove compartment for a battered, dog-eared copy of the Thomas Guide*

It's my first time driving the crack van, and appropriately I'm starting with my first online fandom, The X-Files. Mostly I'll be recommending old favorites from back in the day that haven't quite made it to this archive yet. Also, because I was always a fence-sitter, you can expect less straight MSR and more gen, UST, and alternative character pairings. And away we go!

Pairing: (Author's Summary) Mulder realizes that he is in love with Scully. And Scully realizes that she is in love with ... a Marine.
Length: 7k (with notes)
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: http://krycek.gossamer.org/author/11346-1.html
Why this must be read: This is one of the first fics I read in the fandom, and it's still one of my favorites. Rachel Lee Arlington is better known for her Krycek-centric stories like Rat Trap and The Rat's Tale, but in my opinion, this fic showcases her humor and hotness like nothing else. If you're a big fan of Mulder/Scully UST but not necessarily wedded to their romance, I hope that you'll give it a try. Also, the extensive beginning and ending notes are well worth your time! ;)

Scully and DeMont are in the small space between the end of the bar and the jukebox, dancing slowly. His cheek is against the top of her head; one hand
is on her back, the other loosely clasping her little hand to his chest. As
they turn Mulder can see she's resting her forehead against her partner's
shoulder, her eyes closed.

Mulder turns on his heel and walks out: gets back in the car, drives back to the motel, goes back to his room and closes the door behind him.

For a minute he just stands in the dark leaning against the closed door,
listening to his heartbeat. Then he starts pacing, fast, between the door
and the window. After a couple of minutes of this he sits down on the end of
the bed, still wearing his coat. He's agitated and emotional - he's just not
sure what kind of emotional. He's certainly not jealous - is he? He's sure
he's beyond that by now: but at the same time, looking at it with a
psychologist's eye he has to admit he's never been very severely tried.
Through his work he's met a couple of guys who've dated Scully: but she was
just the same with them as she is with everybody - pleasant but decorous, so
that most of the time he'd forget they were her ex's.

There's that lab rat Pendrell. Mulder can honestly say that he likes
Pendrell for no better reason than that Pendrell has such a terminal crush
on Scully. So that proves he isn't jealous. Then again, Scully doesn't know
that Willard Pendrell even exists except when she's glad to get a nice neat
concise lab report, so it would really be too stupid to resent him.

In the midst of this rather unsatisfactory examination of his conscience
Mulder hears the door open and close in the next room. His face breaks into
a smile - she must have left the bar right after he did. He gets up off the
bed and takes the case folder from the top of the bureau. He'll go next
door, say hi, maybe ask her who the Kombat Karl in the bar was. No, maybe not.

Her laughter stops him two steps from the door. He could never imagine
Scully making such a teasing, caressing sound.

"Wait...wait a second." It is Scully, it's her voice. The motel is late
sixties' jerry built, and the walls must be made of compressed tissue paper
- her voice is slightly muffled, but he can hear every word clearly.

"Girl I can't wait."

At the sound of DeMont's voice and his low hoarse laugh a single thought
cuts across Mulder's amazement as if illuminated by lightening - he has
known Scully for over four years: she's been in this town for eight hours
max. How does this work? Did she take one look at him the day she first
walked into his office and think 'No, no way, not to save my life', and no
matter how long he has known her and no matter how strong their friendship,
is she always going to feel that way? And what about the guy with her? Are
there some men who were born part of a fortunate fraternity - 'The guys who
get to make out with Dana Scully'? And if you're one of them all you have to
do is ask? What? The conversation went 'Hi. You don't know me but I'm
entitled to sleep with you.' And Scully replied 'Oh okay, fine, whatever.'

It's the silence that's making Mulder crazy. They're not talking: that means
they're kissing. They're standing in the dark just inside the door and GI
Jerk is kissing her. He's probably pushing his luck and handling her -
putting his hands on her hair, her face, her neck, her -

No. Mulder's waiting for the gunshot. Scully shot him and he'd never laid a
hand on her. There'll be one short at roll call tomorrow. Instead he hears
the creak of bedsprings, quite soft. They're lying down together. Two little
thuds - like two little size four shoes hitting the floor.

My Baby Just Cares... For Me


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Sep. 2nd, 2011 03:47 am (UTC)
Just a side note. One of my students told me today that when Rigney died, he of the famous Wheel of Time books, his wife choose someone from the fanfic writers to finish his final books. He also said that when you begin reading those books it isn't so much a reading experience as it is a commitment. Very cute guy. He knew the words fanfic AND commitment. Quite the catch, girls...
Sep. 2nd, 2011 11:28 am (UTC)
*smile* I read the first of those books and just couldn't commit to the rest of the series. But I think it's pretty awesome that a fanfic writer got to finish it.
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