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OMG, I think that jezziejay was right!

So a while back, jezziejay  posted this. And while at the time, I was very much attached to my idea that Cuddy, House, and Rachel would be involved in some kind of accident, Rachel would die, and Cuddy would blame House, new spoilers gleaned over at house_cuddy have caused me to reconsider. Now Cuddy's hospitalization and dreams of a future Rachel in 7X15 seem much more consistent with jezziejay 's Gone with the Wind interpretation: that Cuddy gets pregnant and either miscarries or has an abortion, and blames House.

I would hate to think that House would do anything deliberately to sabotage her pregnancy, whether he wanted to have kids with her or not, but it would be totally consistent with his character for him to insist on termination if he feels that Cuddy's life is in danger.

Tags: house m.d., musings, spoilers
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