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It occurred to me today that I could enjoy almost any pairing in fanfic as long as a piece is well-written, true to character, and consistent with canon. In fact, I find great pleasure in being convinced to look at established events from a different angle, "Speed You Down" by Maya Tawi being an excellent example. And although House/Wilson is my favorite dynamic on the show as well as in fanfiction, I honestly don't think that a sexual relationship is text, even if the intimacy and devotion is. If we're going to read between the lines, I could just as easily buy S1 House/Cameron or House/Chase, or even (if I squint real hard) House/Foreman. (Although at the same time, I find those all to be equally improbable, given that Wilson is supposed to be the slutty one.)

A repost of a comment of mine over at karaokegal.livejournal.com/130385.html :

"ITA that TPTB spent almost all of Season 6 throwing (tasty) bones to the H/W shippers, and the idea of having Wilson pick out his one piece of furniture as the perfect gift for his HouseMate (sorry!) was wonderful, and could certainly be interpreted as a grand gesture that almost immediately triggered a panicky urge to distance himself from House.

I'm just saying that I can really read their canon relationship either way: as that of an intimate, intense, co-dependent friendship between two men, one of whom at least is so secure in his heterosexuality that he never worries for a minute about how other people might interpret it (that one would NOT be Wilson ;)), OR as that of, as you've called it, an open marriage in which one spouse is totally devoted in his own flawed way, jealously watching his promiscuous partner prove over and over that he doesn't love him enough to refrain from cheating... although, being Wilson, that partner does feel so guilty about it that he'll put up with all kinds of crap from here to Sunday in order to attempt to even the scales.

I also believe that TPTB are deliberately creating this ambiguity, and frankly, I applaud their skill. It will be very interesting to see how House's relationship with Cuddy affects his dynamic with Wilson in Season 7, whether that actually intensifies the slashy (sub)text, etc. I really hope that the writers can find a way to give us all what we want... or at least what we need!"



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