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Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, 1-3


So I didn't get to watch the match, but I just saw the highlights. The reviews I'd read suggested that we were absolutely awful, created no chances, etc. In fact, it seems to me that we were unlucky in attack - Messi was close to a goal early on and almost sent a free kick into the bottom corner, and there was a rebound that could have been converted by Busi, to name a few. While I wish that Villa had started and Iniesta had played left mid with Cesc on the bench, I think that the real problem, as has been so typical lately, was our defense. Pique's clumsy tackle meant a PK for Ronaldo, and no one was marking Di Maria right in front of our goal when he received the pass and scored. But if you watched the match, please feel free to correct me!


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Feb. 27th, 2013 04:32 pm (UTC)
I watched the second half though, and then the 'highlight', that was soul destroying enough.

It's clear we are really struggling without a proper leader, because actually no the team can't coach itself (am not blaming Roura specifically, he got thrown into a thankless task; just the whole dynamic). For all Xavi's genius and Puyi's shouting it will come to nothing unless they start with a better lineup and make subsitutions before it's too late.
Then their heads drop and they just don't look like they want to bother. Not sure how we can turn that round inside of a week though.

There is a real problem with our forwards; Messi is Messi of course, but the rest aren't stepping up to the plate. Not just this match but a general trend. Yeah we can't keep a clean sheet, but it shouldn't matter because we should score more to counteract it. I mean this is the team that beat Bayern Leverkusen 10-2 on aggregate, wtf happened.
If I was Villa I'd be so angry and have an eye on leaving too. He's proved his worth and fitness but they're wasting it. Cesc isn't even a striker, so I haven't the first clue what they were thinking chosing him ahead of an actual striker.

Hmm nope pretty sure nobody was marking Di Maria. Our defence in general is on the mend (Puyi is Puyi, but there's only one of him and blistering pace isn't his speciality) so am willing to forgive that. We were already down and apparently given up by then anyway.

It's not like I'm some shallow fair weather fan, wouldn't ever defect and I know how to lose (other team of my heart gave a good grounding there). It hurts because they're hurting, and it's so frustrating. Barca was a beacon of innovation and technical skill; but right now they just keep doing the same stupid shit over and over then funnily enough it doesn't change the end result.

As a concession to being shallow though ...
Highlight of the match was Pepe arguing over a throw in, then getting shoved by Busi and rolling about looking pitiful. Not exactly fitting his tough image, no. Looked like it was going to be a good old fashioned huddle and fight, never panned out so am happy nobody got hurt/booked, would have livened it up though.

I miss Iker something chronic; clearly Madrid having a subpar keeper (in the sense nobody is as good as Iker) isn't an advantage, so might as well get have something pretty to look at for our troubles.

I'm going to end up like Xavi at this rate, should probably do something useful with that and write some smut to make me feel better.
Feb. 27th, 2013 06:22 pm (UTC)
I feel sorry for Roura - this is not the job he signed up for, he's simply not qualified to take over one of the world's most successful teams on short notuce, and yes, the team can't coach itself. Tito made a great start but is MIA at the most critical time of the season.

I agree, Villa is wasted and I don't understand why. Alexis and Pedro have been next to useless as forwards - we already have wingbacks if we just need the ball crossed in! Tello has promise and is improving with experience. Cesc can play false 9, but he's not a striker. Pinning all of our hopes on Messi goals is how we crashed and burned last season. Apparently he's home sick today. He's only human.

Being a loyal fan doesn't mean we can't criticize. I would never be all, "Sell half the team in exchange for a bunch of stars who have never played in our system," but change is needed. Underperforming players *should* have competition within the squad. I was glad that Alexis didn't play yesterday, but did it really take 2/3 of the season to decide that he wasn't up to scratch? Our young defenders should be playing more, too. I mean, it's all very well that Xavi, Puyi, and Leo have signed on for life, but let's be realistic - the first two should be helping to train their replacements and yielding more matches to them as time goes on, and Leo alone does not a functioning football squad make. Look at how much better Argentina is doing now that he has other forwards to help him score.

Diego Lopez seems like a fine keeper, but I agree that I'd much rather look at Iker.

By "end up like Xavi" do you mean mocked for speaking your mind after every bad match? lol

Hey, btw, where's that 2011 post-clasico smut that you promised us?
Feb. 27th, 2013 06:50 pm (UTC)
Exactly, I start to get angry about stuff and then just can't.

They need to start Tello and Villa then, it's just obvious.
Am sure he'll still play at the weekend though, is so keen and quite tough really.

Yeah exactly, otherwise we'd follow Real Madrid, right. ;)
Pretty sure Alexis has had enough chances so should be rested, if only to try it as a kick up the arse; and yes saw that coming a long time ago.
It's the perfect time to play young defenders, so they can get the most of Puyi's umm special brand of nurturing, then it will be a seamless transition.
Leo's good but he's only one person, so you do need the backup. Argentina are on the up for sure.

We should coach Barca then, at least until I get fired for sexual harrasement.

Yes he does which is a bastard, I can forgive a lot more in Real player if they're prettier. Not only does Iker's front look good; when we do score there's the camera behind the goal to showcase his arse (totally up there with Pipita and Joe Hart on that one).

lol pretty much, and with the arm-waving bug-eyed ranting like an old lady at the ref before that.

Just posted it on my journal, enjoy. :)
Feb. 27th, 2013 08:22 pm (UTC)
That's right... at least once Mou left. That's a dealbreaker for me.

I like Alexis, but if he can't step up, he shouldn't play. Yes, more of Puyi's bossing, I mean nurturing, would be good for them.

Yeah, Iker's easy on the eyes from pretty much any angle.

Hee, Xavi ranting (up) at the ref is the best.

lol, ask and ye shall receive.
Feb. 27th, 2013 09:23 pm (UTC)
For me too, can't stand Mou.

Exactly, he's capable overall just has some mental block. So somebody else should have a chance.
Puyi is probably a complete sweetie irl, but you wouldn't quite know it.

I know, have needed to do extensive research for writing purposes; was terrible hardship.

Totally, he makes such an art form of it. Sometimes have to wonder if he has a case of 'short man syndrome'.

Of course, plenty more where that came from.
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