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I only got to watch the last twenty minutes of this match, but boy was it a nail-biter. At the time I tuned in, FCB was down 2-1 following goals by Trochowski, Negredo, and finally Cesc Fabregas shortly after the halftime break. As he had done before when the team was trailing, Tito Vilanova started making substitutes to beef up the forward line, sending Cristian Tello on for Alexis Sanchez, Thiago Alcantara for Sergio Busquets (who had been carded) and finally David Villa for Dani Alves. However, Cesc did his controversial part by provoking a red card on Medel, falling backward when the Sevillan got up in his face, and leaving the home team down a man for the last 18 minutes of regular time. Without enough men to mark all potential goalscorers, Sevilla slowly succumbed to unrelenting pressure from Barcelona and two key assists from Lionel Messi. In the 89th minute, Cesc scored his second goal, bringing the two teams level, and finally in the 3rd of the 5 extra minutes allotted, Villa slammed a trademark clinical goal right past the hapless keeper, giving Barcelona the lead.

The good news is that we won against a very tough team at home and walked away unbeaten in La Liga after six games. (Hopefully the players aren't too exhausted when they have to face Benfica in the Champions League on Tuesday.) The bad news is bad indeed for young Thiago, who spent the summer off international duty due to injury and will now be out again for approximately two months with a torn ligament in his left knee :(.


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Oct. 1st, 2012 10:51 am (UTC)
It yeah you didn't really miss much, beyond a lot of frustration that we couldn't get it together (especially in defence) and Sevilla fouling everyone. So I wasn't suprised or that bothered somebody got sent off. They are a really solid team, do respect them for that, can see why they broke Real.

Alexis was a bit rubbish, not sure what he needs but it's going to have to be something major with the competition for places up front.
Good that Cesc could finally get it together.
Let's face it, anyone in our squad is a potential goal scorer, into the opposite net is optional but appreciated.

Jordi Alba was man of the match for me, he covered so much ground down the wing and completely bossed it. A good match for Navas (not that I worry too much about Navas because sure he has pace but he never does much with it in the end). Which was a real bright spot given how ropey our defence is right now, so keeping the ball in their half and hoping for the best is a good plan.

Aww I know, poor baby.

I think the guys who had been out injured are going to be back if not Tuesday then for Sunday. It's going to make such a diffrence.
Oct. 1st, 2012 11:34 am (UTC)
I figured that there was a lot of fouling going on unchecked which was why Cesc felt justified in provoking the red card.

Alexis hasn't always been at his best lately, for sure. I swear, sometimes he has the ball and the best view of goal and just panics and passes it backwards.

Let's face it, anyone in our squad is a potential goal scorer, into the opposite net is optional but appreciated.

Hahahaha, so true.

We have missed Jordi Alba during his recovery for sure.

Yes! Iniesta and Puyi (not Geri) have already been given medical clearance.
Oct. 1st, 2012 03:21 pm (UTC)
There was, not that I think Cesc was in the right for it or fouled that badly; but can see their point.

Yeah, exactly; not even a decent pass at that sometimes.

He's been a great investment for sure.

Adriano is back too, even more strength for our defence.
Oct. 1st, 2012 11:05 pm (UTC)
Ah yes! Adriano is back too.
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