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Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, 1-2

I was worried even before the match began. I knew that we had to win or draw this match, or score enough goals to make up for that second silly goal that Angel DiMaria scored in the first leg. And Dani Alves had apparently hurt himself during warm-up and had to be replaced by substitute leftback Adriano Correia on the right.

The first half hour of play made me wonder whether RM's poor performances in their last two Liga matches was an elaborate tactic by Jose Mourinho to lull us into a false sense of security, or whether the beatings had continued until team morale improved. Either way, it was tremendously exciting and fast-paced, and I think there's no arguing that Madrid was playing the better game. Gonzalo Higuain scored a definitive goal in the 11th minute, and Cristiano Ronaldo doubled their lead in the 19th after a beautiful display of ball control. But don't think that Victor Valdes was having another bad day - on the contrary, he made save after awesome save as the offensive onslaught continued throughout the match.

As usual, the RM defense (and most of their midfield) focused on neutralizing Leo Messi, trying to force him to play deep. At times I wondered whether I was watching football or WWE. On the other hand, the failure of our defenders to form a back line, knowing that RM has fast forwards who could easily outrun us during a break, had me chewing my fingernails off. Once Adriano got sent off with a red card, I figured it was all over.

*innocent blinking* Yellow card? What for?

But then, just before the end of the first half, we earned a free kick that led to this Messi-merizing goal:

So now it looked like there was still hope. If we could just score a second goal, we would draw RM and take the trophy home with us. And our boys fought on valiantly until the end, but alas, it was not to be. At least we didn't concede any more goals, even with a man down. Unfortunately, having to replace forward Alexis Sanchez with Martin Montoya to shore up our back line after Adriano's expulsion made scoring very difficult, and playing left winger Cristian Tello on the right in Pedro Rodriguez's place didn't do much for us either. On the bright side, former Arsenal defensive mid Alex Song debuted for us to relieve Sergio Busquets and looked really good for the 15 minutes he was on the pitch.

So no Supercopa trophy for us this year. At least no fistfights broke out on the pitch, and no one stuck a finger in anyone's eye.


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Aug. 30th, 2012 01:02 pm (UTC)
I still have too many feelings about this.

Hmm yeah did wonder about all those blows to the head (even then didn't look like Iker had total faith in their defenders).

Barca did have moments of being great, but not enough of a whole and they slacked off at times when it mattered.

It's true VV was fine, over his slump now, it was mainly defensive errors that they even got a shot off.

Yeah exactly, how is that worse than what Adriano did; at least his was a one off. But no every time Messi had the ball, him or Andres at least.
Apart from that it was quite calm really. Eye-roll at the showy gesture of civility from Mou; but the capitans' love is real.

That was a stunner, yes. Has he got the picihci yet? ;)

I've really not been rating Alexis or Tello this season (so far); they've got pace but seem to hesitate and their finishing isn't so great. Obviously good call to bring on Montoya [and he was good], but suprised Villa wasn't put on too when clearly we needed another goal. Missed Puyi so much, hope he's back soon we need our capi.

Ah well it's a long year and we're still doing ok in la liga. Can see where we went wrong so can put it right.
Aug. 30th, 2012 07:42 pm (UTC)
Leo is definitely well on his way to being named Pichichi again this season, lol. Although I would prefer that our other forwards freakin' score more, tbh.

Montoya was good! Wish that Tito had brought Villa on instead of Tello when we were so desperate for another goal. But maybe he's saving Villa for Valencia. And yeah, we need our capi! He doesn't know yet whether he'll be able to play on Sunday.

Aug. 30th, 2012 08:50 pm (UTC)
That's ok then. Good point, people keep saying it's too dependent on Messi but then he's that good and didn't get injured, so fair enough then.

Hopefully he is, would be good to see him back regularly (even as a sub to ease him in).
Wouldn't be suprised if Puyi did play, he's tough.
Aug. 30th, 2012 01:45 pm (UTC)
The defense mistakes in first 20 minutes cost us this match. Maybe I am biasted fangirl but we need Puyol. This was so painfully visible mduring this gamed. geri tried to command. He was hsown on tc few times shouting at other guys to move here or there but ... He is not Capi and as much as I love this goofy girafe I don't think he will ever be able to step in once Puyi retires, like we all hoped for when he was brought back from Manchester.
Adriano pissed off so much ... I can't balieve his stupidity really. I think it only proves that if our sidebacks get injured, we are fucked. Good thing was Montoya. I was really inspired by him last night. Really bright spot in this horrible match. Tello tried and was very motivated. I hope he gets more chances to prove himself.
Victor was amasing and thanks to him it did not end much worse.
Second helf much better and the boys played amb dos parablas but it was not enough. I hope Tito figures out what happened in first half and fixes it.
Aug. 30th, 2012 07:38 pm (UTC)
It's not you - our defense was crap. They really do need someone, preferably Puyi, with good judgment back there. EVERYONE wants to go forward, no one can run back quickly enough except maybe Jordi Alba, and they have to be more disciplined. Geri is fun and passionate and charismatic and whatnot, but disciplined is not the first word that springs to mind to describe him.

I was really impressed by Montoya last night, too. Tello has been trying really hard to prove that he deserves promotion to the first team - guess we'll find out tomorrow whether he will stay at Barcelona through January.

Given the difference between the first and second half, maybe Tito did figure out what happened and had a few choice words for the defense in the dressing room...
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