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Barcelona vs. Granada, 5-3

Xavi and Messi celebrating the first goal of the game

Well, that was... unexpected.

Not unexpected that Barcelona won, just that they made life so difficult for themselves in the meantime! Xavi Hernandez scored a goal in the first four minutes, assisted by a header from Leo Messi, and less than fifteen minutes later, Messi scored his first goal off a cross from Isaac Cuenca. At that point, my commentators were blathering about how Granada wasn't even really making an effort, the game was all but over, etc. Unfortunately, the Barcelona players seemed to agree with this sentiment and slacked off on their efforts a little.

Then Granada scored two goals.

Okay, sure, one of them was from a penalty kick after Dani Alves accidentally bowled over one of the opponents inside the box. But the first one was legit, a beautiful header off a goal kick. Goalkeeper Victor Valdes, usually so flawless, appeared to be completely at sea.

Well, that was enough to wake up Barcelona. Dani Alves gave Messi two great assists before being sent off for an accidental handball inside the box and gifting Granada with a second successful penalty kick. And Andres Iniesta would have gotten an assist had Messi made a goal off his perfect pass - it was blocked, but Barca B substitute Cristian Tello took the rebound and scored with clinical precision.

So Messi got yet another hat trick, becoming this season's current top scorer in La Liga and Barcelona's top scoring player since Paulino Alcantara in the 1920s. And Barcelona is now only five points behind Real Madrid after the draw with Malaga this weekend... at least until the game against Villareal tomorrow.

Seriously though, what a weird game. There's a funny Crackovia episode in which the Barcelona players are afraid of contracting the curse of David Villa. Today it almost seemed as though Pique had managed to transfer his bad mojo to Dani Alves and Victor Valdes. Plus Cuenca was in terrific form, and Messi seemed to spend most of his time bitching to the refs when he wasn't scoring goals. What gives?

You might want sunglasses for this one: Leo and Andres, or is it Undress, post-partido


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Mar. 21st, 2012 09:52 am (UTC)
I am happy for Pique. He was good yesterday. Not great, not as good as he can and did in the past, but he played solid and was an importnat member of the team. I hope it is a good sign and we will get our old Pique back.
Mar. 21st, 2012 11:27 am (UTC)
Yes, I'm happy for him too. He wasn't perfect, but he seemed to be more focused and trying a lot harder than he had been lately.
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